For Your Information: Critical changes to nameservers.

All EDU.CN subdomain,

Can you please forward this to the administrators of the child zones for the zones you administer, if any.

Hostnames that fail to conform to RFC952, RFC1123 will be unreachable from sites running bind name servers of next minor release.

Hostnames (A records) are restricted to the following characters only.
"A" - "Z", "a" - "z", "0" - "9", "." and "-"
The following characters are specifically excluded "_" and "/".

We are letting you know in advance so as to minimise the problems this will cause.

If the specified zone has any records that don't meet the above criteria, then any attempts for resolution of the name will fail. If your zone is pristine, then consider this a heads up notice when other zones start failing to resolve names.

For a full description of what is allowed in a hostname please read RFC1123 and RFC952.

RFC1123: Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Application and Support, October 1989
RFC's can be retrieved from the following machines or by mail.

Anonymous FTP

o North China ( ( (

o Northeast Region (

o Southeast Region (

o Central China (

o South China (

o Southwest Region

o Northwest Region (


Send a message to: In the body type:
"FILE /rfc/rfcXXXX.txt"

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